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    Mechatronics is a diverse field. It encompasses many inter‐related disciplines including Electronics, Mechanics, Fluid Power, Electrical Control Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Computers, and Robotics. Mechatronics is a term which includes the above disciplines and takes an integrated approach to their study. People employed in the mechatronics field deal with automated systems in a wide variety of applications. They also deal with related professional and technical support activities such as production planning and control, maintenance, and engineering. Mechatronics employers face recruitment difficulties because many potential employees do not possess the needed skills. With the advances in automation and robotics, some jobs have been eliminated, but there are more job opportunities for individuals who have advanced technical skills and higher levels of education. Employers need associates with good communication, technical and problem-solving skills. Industry‐wide competencies include safety, quality assurance, maintenance, installation and repair, operations and design and development.

    Since new processes are increasingly automated, it is necessary that students acquire a broad range of technical skills to be competitive in the job market. There are a variety of job opportunities in mechatronics. Mechatronics can be utilized with companies that need or provide engineering, maintenance, technical support, and technical consulting. Mechatronic equipment and devices can be found in most modern industries, some of which are advanced manufacturing, processing, aviation, automotive, refining, logistics, and power generation. Additional information regarding this pathway can be found at

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    • Electrical and Electronics Repairers
    • Commercial and Industrial Equipment Repairers
    • Industrial Engineers
    • Industrial Engineering Technicians
    • Industrial Machinery Mechanics

    Other Related Manufacturing Occupations:

    • Computer User Support Specialists
    • Electronics Engineering Technicians
    • Chemical Plant & System Operators


    Manufacturing Courses


    • Introduction to Mechatronics -- DC Theory, Pneumatic Systems, and Programmable Logic Controllers 21.4620000
    • AC Theory, Electric Motors, and Hydraulic Systems 21.4630000
    • Semiconductors, Mechanical Systems, and Pump and Piping Systems 21.4640000


    Dual Enrollment Option

    Industrial Electrician TCC

    IDSY 1130  Industrial Wiring


    IDSY 1101  DC Circuit Analysis


    IDSY 1105  AC Circuit Analysis