Principal's Message


    Greetings from the Home of the Rockets!  My name is Paul Wilder and I am honored to serve as principal at C. A. Roberts Elementary School where we are always shooting for the stars.  We are excited to be “back to school” and look forward to serving our community and engaging our students, staff, and community in learning.  We hope to prepare for growth and inspire all of our staff and students to become our best so that we can make a positive impact in our dynamic and ever-changing society.  Ensuring the safety of our students and staff is a priority as we are continuing the important task of teaching and learning to prepare for success today and tomorrow.  It is our hope that the adjustments to provide instruction in a safe environment will allow us to Engage, Inspire, and Prepare.  In spite of the changes and challenges of COVID 19, at Roberts we desire to effectively deliver on our promise of keeping Safety first, Thinking before we speak or act, Always being ready to learn, and Respecting ourselves, others, and the environment.  We are better together as we learn and grow to overcome any challenges or obstacles we face.  Let’s make this a great school year together.   

    Our “IDEA of Leadership”



    Say what you mean, mean what you say and do it that way.  All about integrated alignment and wholeness…


    Work hard at the right things in the right way, consistently.


    The best and your best exceeds the rest.  Be excellent in what matters and expect it in those who matter.


    Always ready to pivot and do what’s best. Differentiate for yourself and others.


    Leadership in this environment is becoming yourself to benefit others.

     “Becoming a leader, is synonymous with becoming yourself. It’s precisely that simple, and it’s also that difficult.”         Warren Bennis


    Leadership greatness will be what differentiates you. Teachers are the most important influencer in a child’s school experience. 

    Lead people who matter to do things that matter.


    All humans in our sphere of influence matter and we have to believe in our ability to plan and execute daily in



    Paul Wilder


    Roberts Elementary

    Shooting for the Stars