Posted by Sandy Adams on 8/13/2015

Journals are an important part of the Chorus experience.  Chorus in middle school is more than just rote learning songs.  We want to engage the student towards more an indepth and academic study of music, which includes music terminology, anatomy, music reading, and historical study.  Journals are checked on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.  The journal acts as an interactive notebook that is the textbook for their music learning.  It should only take 5 minutes per day to complete the journal question that relates to the Essential Question for the week.  Points are deducted from the journal grade for:  not dating the journal, not writing the question, not answering the question, not keeping the journal organized.  Furthermore, quizzes and tests are most of the time open journal notes.  If you are not completeling the journals, you won't have the answers available when you are taking the test.

S. Adams


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