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School Board Recognitions Feb. 11, 2020

STAR Teacher Student Presentation

For more than 60 years, the Student Teacher Achievement Recognition (STAR) program has recognized Georgia's outstanding high school seniors and the teachers who have been most instrumental in their academic development. Every accredited high school in Georgia is eligible to participate in the STAR program, which honors the high school senior who has the highest SAT score and must be in the top 10 percent of the class based on grade point average.

The Paulding Chamber of Commerce has been honoring and recognizing the Paulding County STAR recipients since the Chamber’s inception. Each school is represented in our county recognition, and our local winner goes on to compete regionally. Each of the STAR students were recognized at a reception held at the Board of Education and sponsored by the Paulding Chamber of Commerce. The winners will be honored at a regional dinner.

We are very excited to unite with our Chamber to honor the academic excellence of Paulding students by introducting this year’s STAR students.


East Paulding High School: STAR Student Steven Jones and STAR Teacher Matthew Curtis pose with the Board of Education.



Hiram High School: STAR Student Lilia Bingham and STAR Teacher Christopher Kennedy pose with the Board of Education.



North Paulding High School: STAR Student Andrew Roland and STAR Teacher Kelly Tucker from McClure Middle School, pose with the Board of Education.



Paulding County High School: Two students tied for the honor of STAR Student. Pictured with the Board of Education are STAR Student Angelica Santiago-Ortiz (with folder) and her STAR Teacher Tricia Pedersen (far left), and STAR Student Samuel Tukua (blue jeans) and his STAR Teacher (Marc Pedersen).



South Paulding High School: South Paulding High School featured an unusual three-way tie for STAR Student! Pictured with Board of Education are Sean McSweeney (grey sweater) and his STAR Teacher Michaela Hicks; STAR Student Hadley Davis (with folder) and her STAR Teacher Cindy Richardson; and Asher Etheridge (yellow shirt) and his STAR Teacher Annemarie Edwards.

This Chamber announced a tie for our overall student system winner: Paulding County High School's Angelica Santiago-Ortiz and Samuel Tukua were named overall Co-District STAR Students for their outstanding SAT performance.



Presentation of Colors

The East Paulding High School JROTC presented the colors at the Feb. 11, 2020 Board of Education meeting.


East Paulding High School JROTC team from left, are: 2nd Lt. Morgan Stell; Cadet Lt. Col. Hayden Bailey; Cadet 1st Lt. Joshua Mitchell; MSgt. Johnathan Klapste.


Character in Action

Each month, students are chosen by the teachers and/or administration of their schools as excellent representatives of positive character at school. This month, we will recognize students for the character trait of Fairness - which was the character word for the month of January. We are recognizing students from Hutchens Elementary, Nebo Elementary, Northside Elementary, Scoggins Middle, and South Paulding Middle School.

Jarett Hulsey, Hutchens Elementary School:

Jarett is a 4th grader at Hutchens and her teacher had this to say: If you look in the dictionary for the meaning of the word fairness, you will see a picture of Jarett Hulsey.  On it says that fairness means "impartial and just treatment or behavior without favoritism or discrimination". Jarett treats everyone with respect. In the classroom, I have seen Jarett be kind to everyone. In Math he helps others when they don't understand with compassion. He doesn't get frustrated. At recess, Jarett is a team player.  Also, he is a student athlete who excels on the baseball field.  Jarett Hulsey is a great example of the character trait Fairness.


Caden Cole, Nebo Elementary School:

Caden is a kindergarten student and demonstrates fairness in our classroom daily, his teacher said. He has a sweet disposition and makes friends easily despite any differences they may have. Caden welcomes each student in the morning without hesitation, not just his close friends. He treats people fairly with a humble and kind manner. His actions are a great example to those around him of how to treat people fairly.


Ella Chapman, Northside Elementary School:

Ella is a 2nd grader and consistently demonstrates fairness by always taking turns, telling the truth and playing by the rules. She takes responsibility for her mistakes and learns from them. She also is a friend to everyone.


Mark Berryhill, Scoggins Middle School:

Mark is a 6th grader and constantly tries to make sure students are treated fairly in class. Mrs. Mitchell said that Mark took initiative with ensuring that a classroom game activity was fair for the participants recently in her class.


Nephtali Nemorin, South Paulding Middle School:

Nephtali is a 6th grader and consistently works to be sure that not only is SHE learning, but that those around her are focused and enjoying learning. She eagerly provides assistance to those that need extra help and encourages those that are working hard. Nephtali waits for her turn to participate in class discussions and makes sure everyone has an opportunity to speak and share during group work.



Character In Action students for February are (from left): Nephtali Nemorin of South Paulding Middle School; Mark Berryhill of Scoggins Middle School; Ella Chapman of Northside Elementary School; Jarrett Hulsey of Hutchens Elementary School; and Caden Cole of Nebo Elementary School.


Central Office Artists

These middle school artists will have their work displayed in the Central Office Gallery, located in the entryway of the Central Office through the middle of the month of May, after which, six of these works will be displayed in the Superintendent’s Gallery through the summer. Those students will be notified if they are selected to progress to the second gallery!


Jordan Cochran, Austin Middle School

Jordan is an 8th Grader and is presenting a Mixed Media Piece


Kaylee Price, Dobbins Middle School

Kaylee is a 6th Grader and is presenting a Mixed Media Piece.


Virginia Irish, East Paulding Middle School

Virginia is an 8th Grader and is presenting a tempera piece


Lucien Cranton, Jones Middle School

Lucian is a 6th Grader and is presenting a Paper Collage


Chase Bond, McClure Middle School

Chase is a 7th Grade and is presenting a Mixed Media


Marie Aoussou, Moses Middle School

Marie is a 6th Grader and is presenting a paper collage.


Ella Grace Bice, Ritch Middle

Ella Grace is a 6th Grader and is presenting a work in Colored Pencil


Reese Thomason, Scoggins Middle School

Reese is a 6th Grader and is presenting a work in Marker


Ashley Canales Paz, South Paulding Middle School

Ashley is a 6th Grader and is presenting a work in Graphite



Central Office Middle School Artists display their works for the Board of Education.


Paulding 4-H

In Paulding County more than 2,400 youth and 120 adult volunteers from the community are involved in 4‑H. The mission of Paulding County 4-H is to assist youth in acquiring knowledge, developing life skills, and forming attitudes that will enable them to become self-directing, productive, and contributing members of society. The Feb. 11, 2020 School Board meeting highlighted the remarkable 4-H youth in the community who are involved with 4-H at the district and state level and who work each day to make a positive impact on those around them:


Kelly Bray is a senior at South Paulding High School and has been an active 4-H student for eight years and currently serves as the Community Service Chair for the Paulding 4-H Senior Club.  Not only is Kelly involved in different 4-H clubs and judging teams, she also volunteers to help with younger 4-H students as a teen leader.  This year, Kelly was selected as a production crew manager for the Georgia 4-H Clovers and Company. This performance group brings its high energy show to 4-H events, civic groups and state and national conventions.  Clover and Company’s management team noted that Kelly’s first year on the crew has been a very positive experience and that “Kelly is always willing to help and has stepped up as a leader. We are excited to have her as part of our team.”


Madison Clemente is a senior at South Paulding High School and has been elected President of the Paulding 4-H Senior Club.  In addition to her county responsibilities, Madison Clemente serves in the role of State Representative to the Georgia 4-H Board of Directors.  The Board advisor noted that Madison “understands that leadership is influence and uses her influence by serving as a great role model for her peers. We are fortunate to have her as part of the team leading our more than 242,884 youth throughout the state. A driven, compassionate, consensus builder, Madison has a bright future as a leader and the State Board of Directors is only a springboard to what her future holds.”


Madison Clevenger is a senior at North Paulding High School and has been elected Vice President of the Paulding 4-H Senior Club.  Madison is an extremely hardworking, kind and passionate student who placed second at state level in the Georgia 4-H public speaking competition with her project on outdoor recreation. Madison has also been elected to the Northwest Georgia District 4-H Board and represents 39 counties as she assists in planning district and state activities. Her district board advisor states that “Madison has been an excellent Senior Board member.  She is very considerate when working in a group and has the skills it takes to help the group arrive at consensus. Her peers like and respect her.  I know she has a bright future, whatever endeavor she chooses to take on.”



PCSD's remarkable 4-H students include, from left, Madison Clevenger of North Paulding High School, Madison Clemente of South Paulding High School, and Kelly Bray of South Paulding High School. These three young ladies were recognized by the Board of Education on Feb. 11, 2020.



Special Recognition for Austin Middle School and New Georgia Elementary School


Two schools were recognized for recent outstanding achievements.


Austin Middle School

Principal Greg Musgrove for being honored by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement as a Greatest Gains Award School.

  • Greatest Gains Award Schools exhibit high growth in student achievement by earning a three-year average CCRPI Progress Score above the 93rd percentile in the state!
  • Austin Middle School had a CCRPI Progress score of 97.4 in 2019!!


New Georgia Elementary School

Principal Sonja Nelson for being honored by the Georgia Department of Education as a Title I Reward School.

  • A Title I Reward School is a Title I school among the 5-percent of Title I Schools in the state that are making the most progress in improving the performance of all student groups over the most recent two years on the statewide assessments.
  • New Georgia’s overall CCRPI score was an 83.2 in 2019 – an increase of over 16 points.



Principal Gregg Musgrove of Austin Middle School, and Principal Sonja Nelson of New Georgia Elementary School, were recognized by the Board of Education for their schools' recent achievements.