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School Board Recognitions Nov. 12, 2019

Character In Action

Each month, students are chosen by the teachers and/or administration of their schools as excellent representatives of positive character at school.  This month, we will recognize students for the character trait of School Pride, which was our character word for the month of October.  We are recognizing students from Burnt Hickory Elementary, Russom Elementary, Shelton Elementary, McClure Middle school, Moses Middle School, and North Paulding High School:

Aubrie Barnette - Burnt Hickory Elementary School

Aubrie, a 5th grader, exemplifies the character trait of School Pride in many ways. She loves working with the younger students as a peer tutor and is always one of the first ones done with her own work so she can help someone else. She has continually gone above and beyond to include all types of students in her group whether in class or as a friend on the playground. She has shown patience to certain students who need a little more love and understanding. Because she is always open to other students’ opinions and willing to compromise, she has helped talk to individuals who need to be calmed down from a social situation. Aubrie’s teacher says “I appreciate Aubrie’s eagerness and enthusiasm as a student. She is a character role model to others and deserves this recognition”.

Abbie Rae Olson - Russom Elementary School

Abbie, a 3rd grader, is at every school function with a smile on her face, and she even helps as a volunteer. She also participates in everything that we do during the school day with a ready attitude and a smile on her face.  She loves Russom and it is evident each and every day

Bella Bermudez - Shelton Elementary School

Bella is a 5th grader and an exceptional student. She is always eager to show her Shelton pride! She participates in numerous activities at school. Bella approaches each day with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. Her energetic nature motivates others around her!

Delaney Hollis - McClure Middle School

Delaney is an 8th grader and is such a hard worker both at school and in her sport, cross country. She proudly represents Sammy McClure Middle School as a member of the Beta Club, Project Adventure, NPHS JV Cross Country team, and as Chairman of the Teacher Appreciation Committee. Delaney is so very positive and outgoing and gives so much of herself to make others feel special.  Her positivity and energy help to cultivate the wolf pack pride among all students at McClure.

Naemah Bonhomme - Moses Middle School

Naemah is a 8th grader, has been involved in Student Council and other student organizations at Moses for several years. She is a school representative for IMPACT and is a leader among her peers. 

Eduardo Brimmer - North Paulding High School

Eduardo is a 12th grader and is very positive about NPHS. Eduardo participates in 2 sports, and several clubs. He also goes to games and participates in dress up days and is proud to go to NPHS. He has a positive attitude each and every day about being at North and about learning. He is an exemplary student and a great role model for others. He is awesome!



This month's Character In Action students pose with the Board of Education. Holding certificates, from left, are: Eduardo Brimmer - North Paulding High School; Aubrie Barnette - Burnt Hickory Elementary School; Abbie Rae Olson - Russom Elementary School; Delaney Hollis - McClure Middle School; and Naemah Bonhomme - Moses Middle School.


One-Act Competitions

Up next, we are excited to recognize our All-Star Cast Members from the GHSA One Act Competitions. The objective of the GHSA organization is to support and promote education in Georgia from a mental, physical, and moral viewpoint, to standardize and encourage participation in athletics, and to promote sportsmanship and an appreciation for and study of music, speech, and other fine arts through Region and State competitions.  In October, each of our high school drama programs participated in the regional GHSA One Act Competitions and the following students were selected as All-Star Cast Members, Best Actor, or Best Actress.


Brianna Forbes and Sho Sho Akinyele for "All-Star Cast"

North Paulding High School

Little Women

Director - Ms. Brittany Patterson.


Avery Smith for "All Star Cast" and Anna Wooley for "Best Actress"

2nd Place Overall

East Paulding High School

Jerry Finnegan’s Sister

Director - Ms. Britt Hensley


Hadley Davis for "All-Star Cast" with Joy Alfaro and Jessie Grant receiving "Best Supporting Actress"

South Paulding High School

Steel Magnolias (also received BEST SET)

Director - Mr. Joshua Baines


Ethan Orridge and Zephaniah Wages for "All Star Cast" and Kalab Quinn as "Best Actor"

3rd place overall

Hiram High School

Once on this Island, Jr.

Directors - Dr. Jen Grazer, Ms. Ashley Poole, and Ms. Chelsea Hattaway


Jalen Williams, Levi McNeil, and Alyssa Echols for "All Star Cast"

Paulding County High School

Stone Soup

Director - Mr. Matt Pavlak



This month's One-Act Competition students pose with the Board of Education. Holding certificates, from left, are: Jessie Grant, South Paulding High School; Ethan Orridge, Hiram High School; Brianna Forbes and Sho Sho Akinyele, North Paulding High School; Anna Wooley and Avery Smith, East Paulding High School; and Kalab Quinn and Zephaniah Wages, Hiram High School.

Below: Posing with board members is Levi McNeil, Paulding County High School.



That concludes the Nov. 12, 2019 Board Recognitions!