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Board Recognitions For September 10, 2019

Presentation of Colors

The East Paulding High School AFJROTC presented the colors at Sept. 10, 2019 Board of Education meeting.


The East Paulding High School AFJROTC. From left are: Cadet Capt. Matthew Davis, Cadet Maj. Hayden Bailey, Cadet 1st. Lt. Makenna Janushan, MSgt. Jacob Sherrill. The team is led by instructor MSgt. Stan Parker.



Character In Action

Each month, students are chosen by their teachers and/or administration of their schools as excellent representatives of positive character at school. This month, we will recognize students for the character trait of Courtesy, which was the character word for the month of August. We are recognizing students from Abney Elementary, McGarity Elementary, Roberts Elementary, Ritch Middle, East Paulding Middle, and East Paulding High School.


Chloe Smith - Abney Elementary School

Chloe, a 1st grader, always uses polite manners and kind words with adults and her classmates. She responds when spoken to with "Yes ma'am"!  She is sweet and kind in every interaction with her classmates.  She encourages them when they are struggling or frustrated and comforts them when they need a pick-me-up.  She sets an amazing example every day of what being courteous means and how it positively effects the people around you! 


Amir Newberry - MCGarity Elementary School

Amir, a 2nd grader, is always seeking out ways to be kind and respectful to his classmates and teacher. If a classmate is struggling or in need of help, Amir is the first one to respond. No matter what I ask of Amir, he responds with a “yes ma’am” and always tries his hardest. I am so thankful to be his teacher and feel Amir is most deserving to represent this character trait. I am SUPER proud of him!


Niniola Emmanuel Davids - Roberts Elementary School

Niniola is a 2nd grader and an incredibly courteous student, who understands that the words “please” and “thank you” are well-received and appreciated by his teachers and peers. Emmanuel demonstrates good manners by holding doors open for classmates, picking up around the classroom, and even politely explaining school rules to his classmates when they forget or are unaware of them.  I have seen Emmanuel settle disputes by encouraging his friends to calmly discuss what the disagreement is about, which helps them come to a resolution.  The author, Julia McNair Wright, wisely expressed, “True courtesy is real kindness kindly expressed.”  Emmanuel’s courteous nature exemplifies the kindness that people of all ages should be displaying daily.


Chris Peralta Tovar - East Paulding Middle School

Chris is a 6th grader and Ms. Hemminger says There have been numerous times over the beginning of the school year that he has shown this trait. Chris quickly figured out how to open his locker. Every morning when he arrives to school, he will help others that struggle to open their lockers Chris is also an active greeter in the morning for our homeroom. He enjoys welcoming his peers with a cheerful good morning. Chris is the first to help or hold a door open or assist students in the hall who may have dropped something. He shows the trait of courteousness to adults and peers alike. Chris was also involved in a situation in gym. Chris noticed some students were being excluded in PE while playing four square and a couple of other team games. Chris invited these students to join his team and encouraged and accepted all students to play with him. I received an e-mail from a teacher praising him for these actions and showing of compassion for all his peers.


Isabella Rocha - P. B. Ritch Middle School

Isabella is an 8th grader and she polite and articulate, studious, and thinks of others before herself.


Ivy Couch - East Paulding High School

Ivy is a 12th grader and Mr. Burrell says she is one of the most courteous students I’ve taught in quite some time! She is always quick to help others.



This month's Character In Action students pose with the Board of Education. Holding certificates, from left, are: Chloe Smith - Abney Elementary School, Amir Newberry - MCGarity Elementary School, Niniola Emmanuel Davids - Roberts Elementary School, Chris Peralta Tovar - East Paulding Middle School, Isabella Rocha - P. B. Ritch Middle School, and Ivy Couch - East Paulding High School.


Fine Arts In Action

At the Sept. 10, 2019 school board meeting, a group of high school artists was recognized as the first gallery rotation artists of the 2019-2020 school year.


Alyx Bontrager - North Paulding High School

Alex is a senior and is presenting a work in Colored Pencil, Watercolor, and Acrylic


Emily Brock - North Paulding High School

Emily is a senior and is presenting a work in colored pencil and watercolor


Jason Lawrence - South Paulding High School

Jason is in the 10th grade and is presenting a work in oil pastel


Hadley Davis - South Paulding High School

Hadley is a senior and is presenting a graphite piece


Tori Revlett - Hiram High School

Tori is a junior and is presenting an oil on canvas


Emmanuel Dorce - Hiram High School

Emmanuel is a senior and is presenting a piece in marker


Laura Sandoval - East Paulding High School

Laura is an 11th grader and is presenting a Japanese collage in water color


Amaya Martin - East Paulding High School

  • Amaya is in the 11th Grade and is presenting a work in Ink


Julian Snipes - Paulding County High School

  • Julian is in the 11th Grade and is presenting a portrait of Salvador Dali in graphite and colored pencil


Ana Garcia De La Cadena Valencia - Paulding County High School

Ana is a junior and she is presenting a work in Colored Pencil



This month's Fine Arts In Action students pose with the Board of Education. Holding their works of art that will become part of the central office art rotation are, from left: Emily Brock (NPHS), Jason Lawrence (SPHS), Tori Revlett (HHS), Amaya Martin (EPHS), and Ana Garcia (PCHS).


That concludes recognitions.