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IMPACT Students A Valuable Voice For PCSD

Paulding County IMPACT Students are outstanding representatives of student leadership selected by each of the district's middle schools and high schools. On March 22, 2019, the IMPACT group held its second meeting of the school year at the Dianne Wright Innovation Center to discuss important issues relating to both their local schools and the county as a whole. IMPACT is a platform focused on the the importance of including student voices in the continuous school improvement process. The IMPACT group discusses a range of topics such as discipline procedures, the district budget process, as well suggestions on how Paulding can provide a more equitable and inclusive environment for the diverse student body.

2019 PCSD Student IMPACT


Naomi Grace Bowling Austin MS Emory Roy North Paulding HS
Austin Jetmore Austin MS Ryley Cole North Paulding HS
Cindy Bae Dobbins MS Logan Jewell North Paulding HS
Cuautemoc Solorzano Dobbins MS Trinity Knight North Paulding HS
Stella Penn East Paulding MS Payton McClarity-Jones Paulding County HS
Haley Peek East Paulding HS Olivia Benoit Paulding County HS
Tyrell Robinson East Paulding HS Kayla Alfaro Paulding County HS
Christian Cartee East Paulding HS Jacob Gonzalez-Brito Paulding County HS
Lauren Bergevine East Paulding HS Chandler Cichosz Paulding County HS
Jada Collett East Paulding HS Janaya Evans Ritch MS
Orlane Devesin Hiram HS Angel Solis Herrrera Ritch MS
Ethan Orridge Hiram HS Kerregan Graves Scoggins MS
Phillip Ellington Hiram HS Joshua Hudson Scoggins MS
Terica Watkins Hiram HS Ayliana McIntyre South Paulding MS
Aniyah Kennedy Hiram HS Bryanna Bouzi South Paulding HS
Sarah Hodges Jones MS Emily Norman South Paulding HS
Folajinmi Bakare Jones MS Christopher Longazel South Paulding HS
Larissa Pacheco McClure MS Keeley Pirtle South Paulding HS
Sebastian Adams Moses MS Kimberly Leptrone South Paulding HS
Balay Woodworth North Paulding HS Bodey Gray South Paulding HS
Mahlik Robles North Paulding HS    


Word Clouds

As part of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion exercise, students feedback was compiled into word clouds to illustrate the consensus for specific words that relate to each concept.

Diversity Word Cloud:


Equity Word Cloud:


Inclusivity Word Cloud: 




1 2


3 4


5 6