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School Board Recognitions, March 12, 2019

Presentation of Colors

The North Paulding High School JROTC led off the March 12, 2019 Board of Education meeting with the presentation of colors.


The North Paulding High School JROTC presented the colors at March 12, 2019 Board of Education meeting. From left: Second Lt. Reagan Coleman, Second Lt. Anabelle Dodd, Pfc Steven Roper, and Staff Sgt. Nicole Hawkins. The team is led by Master Sgt. Monty Briggs.

Board Member Appreciation 

The week of March 18-22, 2019 is School Board Appreciation Week in Georgia. The week-long observance calls attention to the contributions of local boards of education.
Board members are elected by the citizens of the county to represent the community's voice on education matters and to set the vision for the school district.  Our Board spends countless hours fulfilling its responsibilities and working together to continually improve our District.  Board members represent a continuing commitment to local citizen control and decision-making in education.
Tonight, we recognize our own Paulding County Board of Education members and show our appreciation for their service:
Chairman Jeff Fuller – 2 years of service
Vice-Chair Kim Cobb – 10 years of service
Glen Albright – 2 years of service
Jason Anavitarte – 1st year
Nick Chester – 8 years of service
John Dean – 1st year
Theresa Lyons – 10 years of service


The Paulding County Board of Education, from left: Superintendent Dr. Brian Otott, Nick Chester, Theresa Lyons, John Dean, Glen Albright, Kim Cobb (Vice Chair), Jeff Fuller (Chairman), and Jason Anavitarte.

"Yes I Can!" Award Winners

The Yes I Can! awards celebrate the achievements of children and youth with exceptionalities, encouraging these individuals to seek their highest potential, and increasing public awareness of the abilities, aspirations, and personal qualities of those with disabilities. These are the high school award winners from 2018:

Edgar Raygoza – South Paulding High School

Edgar has significantly improved his academic and social skills since enrolling at South High. He now walks in PE, communicates through his AAC device, and has increased his social skills by waving and communicating with others. Academically, he has increased participation in the classroom. He gives his all to his work and school in general. We are very proud of the progress that Edgar has made this school year and enjoy having him with us at South Paulding High.


Yes I Can! award winner Edgar Raygoza is recognized by the Board of Education.


Shernaille (Shay) Bataille  – Paulding County High School

Shay is a great leader among her peers. She is always self-advocating for herself and others. She exemplifies what it means to be a student leader. Her energy for learning is refreshing. She is always willing to help others and is driven by her goals. We are proud of the progress that she has made over the past couple of years and we are proud to have her with us at Paulding County High.


Yes I Can! award winner Shay Bataille is recognized by the Board of Education.


The following "Yes I Can!" high school award winners were unable to attend the March 12, 2019 board meeting:

Timothy Jenkins – Hiram High School

Timothy has an amazing talent of drawing, so much so that he has taken a field trip to the Cartoon Network to show his illustrations to professional illustrators and animators. This has motivated Timothy to work harder in school and participate more in his classes so that he can pursue a career at the Cartoon Network as an illustrator. He also uses his artwork as a stress coping mechanism in the classroom. His smiling face and unfailing positive attitude has driven him to be the resident "white board" artist for many of his teachers. Timothy is an honest, polite, and respectful student whom makes everyone’s lives around him much better because of his presence.

Stephanie Rakestraw – South Paulding High School

Stephanie has become a very motivated student and has made huge gains in her academic performance and knowledge this school year. She takes time out during her day to encourage and assist other students. She contributes to her school and classes every day. Stephanie was also recognized as one of our “Future of Paulding” students in the county. We are proud of Stephanie’s accomplishments this school year and enjoy having her with us at South High.


The Yes I Can! awards for this year will be held on May 7, 2019 from 6-8 pm at Hiram High School.



Character In Action

Each month, students are chosen by the teachers and/or administration of their schools as excellent representatives of character at school. This month, students were recognied for the character trait of Tolerance.

Abney Elementary School

Kaylee Trout

Kaylee’s 4th grade teacher, Ms. Belanger, was thrilled to nominate her for demonstrating on a daily basis the character trait of Tolerance! She works well with all students even if a student causes issues. She is patient, kind, and tries to bring out the best in people. She is accepting of other’s ideas and opinions even if they don’t agree with her own. Kaylee is able to have a respectful conversation with others even when they disagree. She shows tolerance even when she doesn't get her way and understands how to work with others to create a compromise. For these reasons and many more, we are proud to have Kaylee Trout as Abney’s Character Ed Representative of Tolerance.

McGarity Elementary School

Azrael Josue

Azrael Josue, a 4thgrader, would gladly work with any student. Not only would he be willing to help others, he would notice when someone needed help and just act on it. When one of our students was on crutches, Azrael was always there to help by getting his chair, carrying his lunchbox and bookbag. I have never known an 8 year old with that level of maturity and insight. This year Azrael volunteers to work with students in the Autism class.

Mrs. Dumlar: Azrael always goes over and beyond to be accepting to all students.

Mr. Cowen: Azrael is very tolerant of students during Math class and consistently offers help when asked by students who may not understand.

Roberts Elementary School

Jordan Pim

Jordan is a 2ndgrader at Roberts Elementary. Helen Keller once said, “Toleration is the greatest gift of the mind; it requires the same effort of the brain that it takes to balance oneself on a bicycle.” Jordan displays that balance consistently at school. When I observe her around her peers, she is always intently listening and is able to refrain from making quick judgements about others, even if she disagrees with them. Jordan is as respectful and enthusiastic in embracing the diversity that exists with her peers as she is about the commonalities. One day at recess she worked with her friends to begin writing a play called “Emotions”. She explained to me that emotions are what make people the same, although our lives might be different. Jordan’s ability to appreciate others is a gift that will allow her to embrace the beauty and uniqueness that exists around her.

Ritch Middle School

Ja’Juan Perkins

Ja’Juan Perkins is an 8thgrader at Ritch Middle. He always hears people out. No matter what their point of view is. He is well-liked by his peers and his teachers.

Morgan McKinnon

Morgan McKinnon is a 6thgrader at Ritch Middle. Morgan has shown a great tolerance for accepting other student's views when we do our warm up questions and discussions, even when she doesn't think and feel the same way. Morgan works well with others in the room, even when they aren't being as considerate as they should, she tolerates them, treats them fairly and gets the job done without complaining that it was her turn to be paired with someone that she might not have wanted to work with that day. Morgan is a great example for others to follow.

East Paulding Middle School

Carson Jackson

Carson, a 7thgrader, is one of the most respectful students in our school. He is positive and kind and he interacts with all kids and teachers in a respectful manner. He does not allow differences of opinion to influence how he treats others. He demonstrates the character trait tolerance in all of his actions towards others.

East Paulding High School

Emily Rogers

Emily, an 11thgrader, is always willing to work with everyone around her and will always keep the peace. Even if someone has a differing opinion or belief from hers, she will take the time to hear them out and respect their thoughts.


Character In Action honorees (with certficates) from left, Emily Rogers of East Paulding High School, Ja'Juan Perkins of Ritch Middle School, Jordan Pim of Roberts Elementary School, Kaylee Trout of Abney Elementary School, Morgan McKinnon of Ritch Middle School, and Carson Jackson of East Paulding Middle School, pose with the Board of Education.


Fine Arts In Action

2019 All State Chorus Winners

Moses Middle

Dorothy Dennard – Alto

South Paulding Middle

Tiffanie Warnock – Alto

Jessaly Hernandez – Soprano

South Paulding High School

Sydney Godfrey – Soprano

North Paulding High School

Charity Hall – Soprano

Hiram High School

Gabrielle Driese – Soprano

Moran Dudley – Soprano

Sydnee Goode – Soprano

Daphny Moleski – Soprano

Ethan Orridge – Bass

Kalab Quinn – Bass

Avanni Sykes – Soprano

Zephaniah Wages – Tenor


2019 All State Chorus winners pose with the Board of Education.


2019 All State Band Winners 

South Paulding High School

Tyler Trivelpiece – Clarinet

Noah Hicks – Trumpet

Mikal Martin – Tuba

North Pauding High School

Jake Soesbee – Clarinet


2019 All State Band winners pose with the Board of Education.