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Lunch Sign Up

Click on the following link for lunch reservations for the third nine weeks.


We will still have limited seating this year for lunch visits and encourage you to reserve lunch for special occasions such as birthdays, special days, etc. We are asking that you limit your lunch group to 2-3 adults and your child. There is only room for 4 at the table. We cannot allow any friends to join due to our safety protocols. We will need to pause any reserved lunch times during early release days, testing, and/or shortened scheduled days.

Parents will check in through the office a few minutes prior to your reserved time and report to your reserved table. Your child will meet you at the table as their teacher brings the class in for lunch. Once lunch is over, students will return to their room with their class and teacher. Visitors will need to stay in the Rotunda and exit through the front entrance doors. Visitors will not be able to walk with students back to class.