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Monday March 30th

Lilly's Purple Purse - Emily Whitman & Beau

Tuesay March 31st

Mrs. Morris - Stephanie's Ponytail

Wednesday - April 1st

Mrs. Synowiec & Ace - Merry Christmas! Wait, what?

Thursday - April 2nd

Mrs. Dankert & Josie - Thunder Cake

Friday - April 3rd

Mrs. Austin - I Am Peace

 Monday - April 6th

Melissa Goulden - Saturday and Teacakes

 Tuesday - April 7th

Andrea Crabb - The Wonkey Donkey

Wednesday - April 8th

Mr. Griffith - When Sophie Gets Angry - Really, Really Angry

Thursday - April 9th

Kela Parton - Home Sweet Hamish

Friday - April 10th

Mrs. Faulkner - Night of the Veggie Monster

Monday - April 13th

Mrs. Mills - Wolfe the Bunny 

Tuesday - April 14th

Mrs. Lockridge - The Greedy Triangle

Wednesday - April 15th

Mrs. Redfern - Purple, Green and Yellow

Thursday - April 16th

Mrs. Hatch - My No, No, No, Day!

Friday - April 17th

Mr. Brown - Henry’s Freedom Box

Monday - April 20th

Mrs. Emerine - Where the Sidewalk Ends

Tuesday - April 21st

Mrs. Proctor - If You Give A Pig A Party 

Wednesday- April 22nd

Mrs. James - I Love You Just The Way You Are

 Thursday - April 23rd

Mrs. Gerardi - Wherever You Go

Friday - April 24th

Mrs. Abernathy - Can I Be Your Dog?

Monday - April 27th

Mrs. Tate - Many Hands 

Tuesday - April 28th

Mrs. Allen - Buzzy the Bumblebee

Wednesday - April 29th

Ms. Gore - Skippyjon Jones Lost in Spice

Thursday - April 30th

Ms. Cooper - Airmail to the Moon

Friday - May 1st

Mrs. Thompson - A Bad Case of the Stripes 

Monday - May 4th

Mrs. Shaw - The Red Bow

Tuesday - May 5th

Mrs. Head - Leo Cockroach: Toy Tester

Wednesday - May 6th

Mrs. Miller - Olivia and the Missing Toy

Thursday - May 7th

Mrs. Christi- Harry the Dirty Dog

Friday - May 8th

Mrs. Nobinger- Oh the Places You’ll Go

Monday  - May 11th

Mr. White - Ducks Don’t Wear Socks

Tuesday - May 12th

Mrs. Emerine - Where the Sidewalk Ends

Wednesday - May 13th

Mrs. Alecia and Stinger - Little Prickles