• Back-to-School STEM Challenge

    August 19, 2021

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    Chat Questions and Answers:

    Q:  What do we need to turn in to our teacher on August 26th?

    A:  You will need to turn in your family’s completed planning sheet and a picture of your invention/product. 


    Q:  What are the prizes?

    A:  We will have prizes for the top 3 entries from across the district.  The entries will be judged using the rubric provided.  The prizes are

          books and resources your family can use to create your own Novel Engineering challenge.


    Q: Will all students that participate in the challenge be recognized?

    A: Yes, all entries for the challenge event will be uploaded to a PowerPoint presentation and added to the parent engagement website to

         recognize all students.


    Q: What STEM opportunities are there for virtual students?

    A:  Virtual students will participate in STEM opportunities such as STEM specials, STEM virtual family nights, Virtual STEM field trips, and

         many other opportunities throughout the school year.