Poole's Title I Program


    What is Title I?

    Title 1 is the laregest federally funded program for schools.  Through Title 1, money is given ti school districts around the country based on the number of low0income families in each district.  each distric uses its Title 1 money for extra educational services for children most in need of additional academic support.  In PCSD, only Elementary SChools are served by TItle 1.  The focus of the Title 1 program is on helping all students meet the same high standards expected of all chidren.

    Title 1 provides for students, teachers and parents.  Title 1 programs can help:

    • Children do better in school and feel better about themselves
    • Teachers understand the needs and concerns of students and parents
    • Parents understand their child's academic needs and successes, and be more involved in their child's education

Contact Your Instructional Lead Teacher with Questions

    Wendy Howd
    Title I Instructional Lead Teacher
    Phone: 770-505-5541
    Fax: 770-505-5540

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