WE. ARE. EAST.

    Name Title Email
     Administrative Office
     Brad Thomason  Principal  
     Sheila Heppner  Executive Staff Assistant to the Principal
     Athletic Directors Office
     Andy Dorsey  Director of Athletics
     Matt Hardage  Assistant Director of Athletics
     Lee Epperson  Executive Staff Assistant to the Athletic Director
     PT Solutions ATC
     Jessica Anglin  Athletic Trainer
     Tony Boyd  Head Coach
     Zack Kilday  Assistant Coach
     Joe Tenoschok  Assistant Coach
     Mike Wilson  Assistant Coach
     Michael Bloodworth   Community Coach  
     Andrew Deaton  Community Coach  
     Austin Driskell  Community Coach  
     Basketball (Men's)
     James Cantrell  Head Coach
     Edmund Coley  Assistant Coach
     Devonair Jackson  Community Coach 
     Martha Cheely  Assistant Coach
     Shaun Ford  9th Community  Coach  
     Basketball (Women's)
     Eddie Gambrell  Head Coach
     Dean Burrell  Assistant Coach
     Jimmy Easterwood  JV Head Coach
     Syrena Estes  Community Coach  
     Bass Fishing
     Stephanie Cantrell  Head Coach
     Angel Foster  Head Coach | Varsity Football | Varsity Competition
     Toni Olivier  Basketball Coach
     Sami Fales  JV Football Coach
     Ashley Jones  Assistant Competition Coach
     Cross Country
     Taylor Ford  Women's Head Coach
     Ples Davis  Men's Head Coach
     Bill Hackney  Community Coach  
     Joseph Fouts  Head Coach
     Flag Football (Women's)  
     Mike Wilson  Head Coach
     Hal Gresham  Assistant Coach
     Chris Hirschfield  Head Coach
     Mo Dixon  Defensive Coordinator, Assistant Head Coach
     Van Spence  Co-Offensive Coordinator, QB's Coach
     Jimmy Easterwood  Offensive Assistant Coach: Wide Receivers  
     Caleb Hale  Defensive Assistant Coach: Defensive Line  
     Phillip Hale  Defensive Assistant Coach: Line Backers
     Rodney Hunter  Offensive Assistant Coach: Offensive Line  
     Brian Jacobson  Offensive Assistant Coach: Running Backs
     Jaaran Nesbitt  Offensive Assistant Coach: Pass Game Coordinator, Wide Receivers
     Derek Russell  Defensive Assistant Coach: Safety's, Co-Special Teams Coordinator
     Rafael Tolentino  Defensive Assistant Coach: Cornerbacks, Co-Special Teams Coordinator
     Ken Blankenship  Community Coach - Kickers  
     Edmund Coley  Freshman Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator  
       Freshman Assistant Coach: Running Backs & Wide Receivers  
     Ian Gardner  Freshman Community Coach: Offensive Line  
     Alex Rogers  Freshman Assistant Coach: Defensive Coordinator, Defensive Line
     Fred Engels  Football Operations  
     Brian Bloye  Team Chaplain  
       Team Doctor  
     Golf (Men's)
     Zach Coker  Head Coach
     Golf (Women's)
     Dean Burrell  Head Coach
     Lacrosse (Men's)
     TBD  Head Coach
     Machael Franks  Community Coach  
     Ian Gardner  Community Coach  
     Lacrosse (Women's)
     Paige DeLong  Head Coach
     Sami Fales  Assistant Coach
     One-Act Play
     Britt Hensley  Director
     Soccer (Men's)
     Sean Lewis  Head Coach
     Phil Hatcher  JV Coach
     Ken Blankenship  Community Coach  
     Soccer (Women's)
     Doug Johnson  Head Coach
     Charlie Stapp  Assistant Coach
     Fast Pitch Softball
     Dean Burrell  Head Coach
     Joe Tenoschok  Assistant Coach
     Andy Davis  Community Coach  
     Mack Walden  Community Coach  
     Zach Coker  Head Coach
     Tennis (Men's)
     Brian Jacobson  Head Coach
     Tennis (Women's)
     Kelley Palfrey  Head Coach
     Track & Field (Men's)
     Ples Davis  Head Coach
     Beth Ali  Assistant Coach
     John Gandy  Community Coach  
     Bill Hackney  Community Coach  
     Track & Field (Women's)
     Jesse Howard  Head Coach
     Taylor Ford  Assistant Coach
     Brian Bochnak  Community Coach  
     Doug Johnson  Head Coach
     Mike Wilson  Assistant Coach
     Masude Sayedzada  Head Coach
     Thomas Steele  Community Coach