• Coach Foster's 1st and 4th Team Sports Class

    Where: Old Gym


    Class procedures: 


    1. Roll call.  You will line up on the side of the gym nearest the scoreboard in alphabetical order.

    2. Dressout if you would like.  We can not require you to dress out, however we can require athletic shoes. 

    3. That means NO BOOTS or other types of footwear that can mark up the gym floor!

    4. Walking and Talking 20 minutes

    5. Class Activities


    Class Supplies: Athletic Shoes






    Coach Foster's 3rd Block Health Class


    Where: Room 223


    Class Procedures: 


    1.  Roll Call in the seat you choose unless your talking becomes excessive.  Once you pick a seat it is yours for the 9 weeks.  Due to Covid 19 protocol's we must keep you in your assigned seat for the semester.


    2. Lunch - Walking to lunch around 12:05


    3. Daily Class Assignments


    Class Supplies: 


                 A. Pen/Pencil

                 B. Area in notebook when paper assignments are required

                 C. Canvas (Majority of assignments will be completed using Canvas)