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    Welcome to the wonderful world of Math! My name is Michael Artis, and I will be your child's Foundation of Algebra teacher for the 2021-22 school year at Hiram High School. I'm originally from Queens, N.Y. and started teaching math there in 2005. I moved to Georgia in 2007, and continued my career in education. I bring years of teaching experience to the table, and I've come to Paulding County after completing 8 years of teaching in DeKalb County. I spent the past three years at P.B. Ritch (at the 7th grade level and 8th grade level) so I am fortunate to see some of my old students in their new environment.  I have a very good track record of helping my students improve in this content area. 

    Beyond the classroom, I take on the responsibility of preparing my students for life. Clearly, I want them to be on level when they move forward with their high school education, but I also want them to have the correct mindset to deal with the transition. I want them to make decisions according to what is best for them (despite their surrounds and/or peer pressure). I try to help them learn how to be responsible for thier own actions, and to take pride in what they do. Taking ownership of their work, and educational success. They key to growth is receiving the information being given, and knowing how to apply it. That holds true in the classroom, and in life. 

    I look forward to this school year and having the opportunity to teach this group of students. I look forward to wathcing them mature and playing my part in the process. It truly takes a village, and I am proud to be a part of the Hiram community.