• Hello!!

    I am Ms. Maye and I have the pleasure of teaching 7th grade Social Studies and Virtual Science this school year. I am looking forward to meeting and learning about everyone this year. Here is a little background information about me!

    My educational career began in 2009 teaching 7th grade Social Studies in South Carolina. I taught in Greenville County School District for 7 years.  Upon moving to Georgia in 2015 had the pleasure of teaching 5th grade Math and Science and 6th grade ELA and Social Studies at a Charter School with Atlanta Public School System. I began teaching at Austin Middle school in 2017 as a 7th grade Social Studies Teacher. In August of 2019, I left AMS and took a teaching role abroad in Cairo, Egypt. I returned to AMS in December of 2019 to teach 6th Grade Social Studies. I am looking forward to another wonderful year here at AMS.


    I can be reached at any of the following:

    Email: kmaye@paulding.k12.ga.us

    Remind: @Maye7thHR (Homeroom),@Maye7thSS (Social Studies), @Maye7thSci (Virtual Science)

    Room #: 426

    Tutoring: Tuesday at 7:45am (Social Studies)


    Please don't hesitate to reach out at any time!!


    Get To Know Ms. Maye