• Calendar week of Mar 13 - 17, 2017

    Earth Systems 1st and 2nd block:

    Monday- Complete Volcano diagrams

    Tuesday- PPT plate tectonics

    Wednesday- Review Questions no. 1

    Thursday- Review Questions no. 2

    Friday- off

    Physical Science 3rd Period:

    Monday- Finish Ionic compound review no. 1

    Tuesday- Compound Quiz

    Wednesday- Magnetism

    Thursday- Circuits

    Friday- off

    Physical Science 4th and 5th Block:

    Monday- ppt PT and complete compound mixed sheet

    Tuesday- Review Compounds

    Wednesday- Review-compounds and PT

    Thursday- Test – Compounds and PT

    Friday- off

    Physics 6th Period:

    Monday- Finish review 1 –waves

    Tuesday- Concave Mirrors

    Wednesday- Convex mirror

    Thursday- Concave/convex lens

    Friday- off