• exercising Nebo Elementary School is located in Paulding County Ga. Nebo’s physical education department is not your conventional physical education department. We strive to find new and innovative ways to play so that the students are not bored. We introduce students to many individual activities and well as teamwork activities. Our PE program has 100% participation. We introduce units in many different areas so our students can use skills learned during PE in a real world setting.

    Physical activity choices are based on personal interests and capabilities to maintain an active lifestyle. Student share an increased awareness of opportunities for activity leading to an increased enjoyment in voluntary participation. Understanding the connection between physical activity and wellness is likewise enhanced and motivates students to identify resources in the community that facilitate attainment of individual lifestyle goals and personal choice behavior. Students begin to take ownership in the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They make independent decisions about their physical activities that enhance their lifelong health. They meet healthy guidelines by participating regularly inmoderate to vigorous physical activities both in school and outside of school settings.