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    Patriot Battalion
    Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) is the largest youth program, with an accredited curriculum, in high school. It serves as a character and leadership development program for our nation’s high school students. High school students enrolled in JROTC are “Cadets.” There are approximately 314,000 Cadets enrolled in JROTC in 1,731 high schools, led by 4,000 retired Army Instructors. Mission The program's focus is reflected in its mission statement "To Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens."
    It prepares high school students for responsible leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities, and privileges as American citizens. The program is a stimulus for promoting graduation from high school, and it provides instruction and rewarding opportunities that will benefit the student, community, and nation. Vision This program’s design focuses on the development of better citizens by building skills in leadership, personal growth and behaviors, citizenship, decision making, health and fitness, first aid, team building, service learning, and, geography; all within a student-centered learning environment.
    The JROTC program is a cooperative effort between the Army and the host school. JROTC enables students to: 
    • Develop new skills for use in school and throughout life.  
    • Learn about character and values, leadership theories and principles, and human behavior. 
    • Gain invaluable knowledge through hands-on experiential learning activities to build self-awareness, essential life skills, and the ability to set and achieve goals. 
    • Apply knowledge gained from content areas that include communication, diversity, conflict resolution, decision-making, and service learning.
    Satisfactory completion of the program at the secondary level can give the student skills to significantly contribute to success in careers in government, private industry, entrepreneurship and non-profit organizations. It can also lead to advanced placement credit in the Senior ROTC program at an accredited college or university, or advanced rank in the armed forces. The goal is for every Cadet to graduate from high school and attend post education, higher learning institutions (e.g. colleges/ universities/ technical schools) or choose other options and alternatives to become a productive citizen.


    Curriculum and Assignment Links

        Canvas Login - https://paulding.instructure.com/login/ldap

       SmartCadet Login -  https://www.jrotc.education/login



    Enduring Service Learning Project 

     JROTC Patriot Battalion

    Military Wall of Honor
    The PCHS Patriot Battalion is honoring former students of The Paulding County High School that have gone on to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. The Patriot Battalion is recognizing these brave individuals with the establishment of The Patriot Wall of Honor photo board at the front entrance of the school that will rotate photos on a periodic basis. To do this we need your help with information and photos of previous graduates of PCHS in their U.S. Military Service Uniform.  (Photos must be wallet size (2.5” x 3.5”)).  Please click on the following link to find out how you can submit a graduates information.  We are also looking for donations from the local community to maintain this worthy project. 
    JROTC Wall of Honor