Facilities & Maintenance

  • Five-Year Facility Plan

    The state of Georgia requires school districts to develop a five-year facility plan. The Paulding County School District's five-year facility plan was developed and approved by our Board Of Education in March of 2015. Our current five-year facility plan runs July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2019.

    Facility Plan Summary 2015 - 2019 


    Upcoming Construction Projects for Summer 2017

    North Paulding High School

    1. Construction of a 19,318 square feet addition will contain 8 classrooms, 3 science labs, and a Broadcast/Video Production classroom and lab. Construction will be complete for the 2017-2018 school year

    aerial picture of nphs campus


    East Paulding High School

    Renovations and Modification (Phase One)

    1. LED lighting for energy efficiency and longer life

    2. HVAC replacements with dehumidification to control humidity issues

    3. School will receive new ceilings, fire alarms, and intercom systems

    4. Metal roof will be recovered

    5. Game gym ceiling will be repainted and new HVAC ducts will be installed


    aerial picture of east paulding high school's campus


    New Hope Education Center

    1. Media Center will be renovated with new flooring, new ceiling, LED lighting, and paint


    Herschel Jones Middle School

    1. Contract to be awarded this summer for demolition of old Jones Middle School gym

     aerial of jones middle school gym


    Paulding County High School

    1. Structural repairs to one of the of the game gym walls


    Design of Renovation/Modification Projects

    PCSD will begin the design/bid process for Herschel Jones and East Paulding Middle Schools Renovation/Modification project for Summer 2018


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