•  What are we currently studying:

    August 2016: We are starting our journey with Matter and all things related to Matter. This is our first standard. We will spend the next several weeks on various related topics about this concept. Make sure that you are studying every night and be ready for any assessments that come your way. Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pitiful Poor Performance- called the 7 P's will hopefully help you along this trek. I want you to come in everyday willing to learn and be active learners.  Hard work, determination, and your willingness to try will be key factors that I am looking for each and everyday. To be successful you must want to be successful. We are going to have a great year.
    September-October 2016:
    We have been studying matter and all things matter-Physical/Chemical Properties, Density, Physical/Chemical Changes just to name a few. Our next step along our journey will take us through the Periodic Table of Elements, Atoms, Compounds, Molecules, Mixtures, etc. We will be spending several class periods on various activities that will reinforce these concepts. We also will be able to take our knowledge gained on matter and apply it to these concepts. I hope that each time we introduce a new concept you are trying to apply all of the previous knowledge you have gained to it. In doing so, you should be seeing the "Big Picture" become more clear along the way.
    January-February 2017:
    We have been studying waves and their characteristics/properties. We are now going to apply these to the topics of SOUND, LIGHT, and WAVE BEHAVIORS. Students will be doing various activities using Lasers and other equipment that will allow them to see/hear about light and sound. Please use the attached Powerpoints to assist you as we move through these concepts. 
    March-April 2017:
    We are currently studying Electricity, Magnetism, and moving into FORCE, MASS, and MOTION after that. We will finish these units and begin preparations to take the Georgia Milestones Test after we come back from Spring Break. 


Current Topic(s) being taught