Week of Dec 12- 20
    This week we will finish up with scientific notation - learning how to multiply and divide.  We will have a Mid Term/Unit Test on Friday - This test will cover Units 1 and 2.  We will begin a study guide on Wednesday. (Possibly Tuesday)  Expect HW this week - you need to practice these skills to be successful on the test.  Monday the 19th will be used to complete the test if necessary and a fun activity with the Grinch Who Stole Christmas movie - yes, it will involve math standards! :)  Tuesday the 20th I have reserved the iPads for math games - unless we haven't complete the movie activity.
    Then we are off until January 5th!!!!!! 
     Week If Dec 5th - 9th
    Students will have a take home quiz today.  It is due Wednesday Dec 7th.  They may use notes, calculator, and other resources to complete the front and back.
    The Wednesday is Early Release - Students will come home 2 hours early.
    Week Of Oct 3-7

    Next week is conference week!  Use this link to sign up for a time slot.  This conference time will be used to discuss academic progress and concerns. http://http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0f4eadad23a3fe3-conference

    Week of 9/12 
    My new personal goal is to Give more Rewards and less Reprimands!
    If you are receiving Ross Bucks in math class then you are doing a great job! 
    This week we are learning to use known information of angles and their relationships to solve for unknown angles.  It is essential that you know the unit vocabulary.  I have included two links to Quizlet to help you learn and practice the vocabulary.
    Here is the Classwork/HW we are working on this week. Classwork/HW 
    Quiz on Angles is Tomorrow - Thursday 9/8
    Review your notes or the ones below.
    For the next several weeks we will be working with angles, parallel lines, their relationship, and how to solve for a missing angle by using what we know. 
    Friday we will have a quiz on the vocabulary of this unit, below is a copy of the notes we took this week.  Progress Reports will go out this Friday - If you are unhappy with your grade, come see me or another math teacher during Help Sessions. 
    Angle Relationships notes  
    Hello Everyone!
    Well, we are almost a month into 8th grade and things are going well!  This is the place to find everything your need.
    Aug 22 - 26
    This week we will continue to discuss and solve equations.  Students will discover if equations can have multiple solutions, no solution, or one solution.  Here are the anchor charts we created this week - they will help!
     Equation solutions mult and divide integers
     area and perimeter