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    Mrs. McGrady's Webpage 2020-2021

    Welcome back to school and to my webpage!  :)
    Math is the best subject ever, and I know we are going to have the most successful school year.  Thanks for visiting my page!
    Since we're having a different start of the school year, here's some things you can do to prepare for the first day of school, August 3.
    1)  Who is Mrs. McGrady?  Click here to learn more.
    2)  Virtual Open House video (I don't normally speak this fast; I speeded it up) is here.  Find out more about my expectations, supplies needed for my class, and other odds and ends.
    3)  Here is the Open House Handout that is usually given out to students. Click Here

    4)  My Canvas Page is where I'll post daily topics we are learning with homework assignments and assessments.  It can be reached for Anchor Charts ("cheat sheets" hung in the classroom), and other resources to help students stay on track.
    To get text messages about announcements, etc in my class, below is my Remind Information:
    Remind: Homeroom - To: 81010 Message: @mcghr
    Remind: Accelerated Math - To: 81010 Message: @7acmath
    Remind: 7th Math - To:  81010 Message:  @mathyay
    Remind: PVMA (Paulding Virtual Middle Academy) 7th Math - To:  81010 Message:  @amsvmath
    Tutoring Schedule:
    Accelerated Math:
    Wednesday mornings 7:45
    Mrs. McGrady, rm 418
    Regular Math:
    Tuesday mornings 7:45
    Mrs. Maloney                                      

    My email address: 



    My Room: 

    Green Hall, last door on the left, room 418


    I look forward to a great school year at Austin Middle School!
    We are all in this together, and just as Austin Middle School Eagles ALWAYS strive for - WE WILL S.O.A.R.!

    S - Safety, O - Ownership, A - Achieve, R - Respect

    7th Grade Austin Middle School