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    East Paulding Middle School                           Connections- Visual Art                                               Instructor: Adrienne Kennedy

    Room 701                                                                                                                                                      August 2017- May 2018

     Course Objectives: Aligned to the Visual Art Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE)  and the National Visual Art Standards. The Visual Arts classroom offers a broad studio experience. With guided instruction encouraging imagination, exploration and personal expression.    

    CR: Creating                                       PR: Presenting                                              RE: Responding                        C: Connecting      

    1) Introduce,explore, and understand knowledge and application of the Language of Art.


    2) Introduce, explore and understand different art mediums, tools, materials, and techniques to the application of processes for skill building and mastery.

    3) Acquire knowledge of indigenous cultures and artistic techniques specific to an art   movement, famous artists and their works throughout history. Create artworks that apply and incorporate these concepts.

    4) Cross curriculum- Relate the content of the art program to other academic subject  areas of math, science, social studies, and language arts. 

    5) Creation of a Portfolio to keep specific artworks in progress, finished pieces and sketches pertaining to production pieces.

    6) Reading/writing using the formal properties of art in essay, key terms, key learning and vocabulary format to express meaning and understanding of the visual arts.

    Textbook: Students will be using the Glencoe series of art books as relates to grade level. These will be kept and used in the Art Room along with the students sketchbooks and portfolios. 

    Make-Up Work: Can be done as homework, as pertains to each project.

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