COVID-19 Cases in PCSD Schools

  • Every Monday at approximately noon the school district will post a one-week snapshot of COVID-19 cases in PCSD schools as reported by each school. Here is some key information to remember about the data reported.

    • These cases include both students and staff members.
    • Student records are protected by state law and the school district cannot release information that could be used to identify a student. Additionally, student and staff privacy related to health matters is protected by federal HIPAA law.
    • When a school has a confirmed case of COVID-19, the school notifies the Department of Public Health and works to identify "close contacts" as defined under Department of Public Health (DPH) guidelines.
    • More information about COVID-19 status, testing, vaccines, and quarantine guidance can be found here:

    PLEASE NOTE: An extended school absence is not necessarily a positive case of COVID-19. There are multiple reasons (another illness, an injury, family emergency, staying home with a quarantined child, etc.) that could cause an absence of multiple days.

Regional Locations Offering Free COVID-19 Testing

  • During the pandemic, Paulding County School District is using a color code system to reflect the status of individual schools and the district at large. More information is available in the 2021-2022 School Opening Plan which can be viewed by clicking any of the color codes below, or by downloading the document at right.

School Status Color Codes

  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red

COVID-19 Cases By School

  • The tables below reflect in-person student and staff cases of COVID-19 as reported to the central office by each school for the time period indicated. Similar to the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH), cases over time can be viewed using two date options, Symptom Onset Date or Date of Report. While every effort is made to report accurate and timely data, please note these numbers are subject to change as the district received additional information. Symptom Onset Date reflects the date symptoms began (or test date if the person was asymptomatic). We are also including a Date of Report summary listing the date information was provided to our schools. Please note that school notification letters are based upon cases reported to the school that day, but the Symptom Onset Data report reflects data based upon the verified symptoms or test date.

    NOTE: Due to Fall Break, the next update of this data will take place on Monday, Sept. 27, 2021.


    NEW DATA CHART - PCSD 7-Day Moving Average of Staff and Student Active Cases









    The chart below reflects Paulding County School District’s moving 7-day average of in-person positive cases by symptom report date.



    The chart below reflects Paulding County School District’s moving 7-day average of in-person positive cases by symptom onset date.




    The chart below reflects the vaccination percentages of Paulding County residents (not Paulding County schools) compared to statewide averages, as reported by the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH). Additionally, it includes vaccination percentages for the 10-14 and 15-19 age groups.

    Source: GaDPH at





Close Contact Quarantine Protocols

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    The close contact quarantine protocols in this graphic are based on guidance provided to school districts by the Georgia Department of Public Health.


2021-2022 School Opening Plan

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

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  • Click the link below to submit comments and feedback on the school district's COVID-19 Operations Plan. Your comments will be reviewed by the school district's COVID-19 Taskforce.

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