• A Parent's Guide to Viewing Students in Canvas

    Canvas Parents, this page is for you!

    So, it's a Digital Learning Day. Now that your children are logged on and learning, you might be wondering if there is a way to keep up with their assignments and progress. Good news... you can!

    As a parent of a child in the Paulding County School District, you can create a parent account. With this account you will be able to observe all of your student's interactions within the course. You will be able to see your student's assignments, grades, and interactions. If you have multiple students in the PCSD, you can view  them all. 

    Follow these steps...

    *Note: Parent Codes must be generated from the web version of Canvas. Parent Codes cannot be generated from the Canvas mobile app. 

    1. Have your student Generate a Pairing Code by following these steps:

    Student Pairing Code.pdfPreview the document

    2. You will need this pairing code to create your account. Go to www.paulding.k12.ga.us/canvas and follow these steps:

    Creating Observer Accounts.pdfPreview the document

    3. If you have multiple students you wish to view, follow these final steps:

    Adding Students to a Pre-existing Observer Account.pdfPreview the document

    That's It! Your finished!

    Using these steps, you are now able to view your student's account and set your notification preferences. Your support will make the digital learning days more meaningful for our students. Thank you!