Whether looking to build skills in reading, writing, listening or speaking, the range of online resources for English Language Learners is truly impressive. Students who learn best by repetition can review flashcards, while visual learners are able to enjoy a vast collection of YouTube videos. Whichever learning style works best for you, chances are there more than enough resources available to boost learning.

    Written Language
    • Breaking News English

      Helps students better their English vocabulary and grammar through the context of learning about current news and global affairs.

    • Business English Vocabulary

      For ESP students focused on building their business vocabulary, VBE has an extensive list of words commonly used in this arena.

    • English Club’s Vocabulary Quizzes

      Want to test your knowledge of vocabulary? There are dozens of categorized quizzes provided on this website.

    • English Forums

      Operating as the globe’s biggest network of ESL learners and English speakers, this dynamic forum allows non-native speakers to ask any grammar questions they may have while learning English.

    • English Grammar Guide

      This website provides helpful guides and examples for learning English grammar concepts like adverb, relative clauses and verb tenses.

    • Learn That Word

      With a focus on vocabulary expansion and spelling, students can review thousands of words – including those commonly missed on TOEFL exams.

    • Self-Study Quizzes

      Whether trying to master homonyms, grammar, or slang, this website has a range of quizzes to help.

    Oral Language
    • 20-Minute ESL Lessons

      Great for students with limited amounts of time to study, these short audio lessons are broken down by specific categories.

    • A Word a Day

      This daily email teaches subscribers a new word every day, including its definition and pronunciation.

    • BBC’s Learning English

      The BBC provides a roundup of common topics that frustrate non-native English speakers, including lots of tips about vocabulary.

    • English Leap

      English is filled with inconsistencies when it comes to pronunciations, but English Leap offers help by focusing on how letters combine to form different sounds.

    • English Teacher Melanie

      This YouTube channel is run by an actual teacher who focuses heavily on different sounds and pronunciations, specifically within an American context.

    • ESLPod

      This weekly podcasts tackles common topics in English language learning and discusses them in simple English to help listeners comprehend and retain the lessons.

    • Podcasts in English

      The beauty of this podcast is its arrangement into different levels, making it easy for students just beginning lessons or polishing the finer points to find helpful content.

    • Voice of America’s Learning English

      This YouTube channel features many of the same news and human interest stories found on other news outlets, but it’s broadcast at two-thirds the regular speed so non-native listeners can follow along more easily.