• Our PTA has signed up for school rewards through both Kroger and Publix. The directions are below. Please take a moment and sign up as the funds raised through this process come directly back to Hiram High School PTSA.


    1. Go to kroger.com
    2. Click on "Savings & Rewards"
    3. Click on "Kroger Community Awards"
    4. Click on "I'm a customer"
    5. Log in to your Kroger account.
    6. Follow the prompts to add "Hiram High School" or "JL092"
    7. Click "Enroll"


    1. Go to publix.com
    2. Scroll to the bottom of page and click "Community"
    3. Hover over "Community" (on the next page) and then scroll to "Publix Partners".
    4. Click Publix.com/account to sign into your account
    5. Scroll to "My Publix Partner" and click "Select a School" to add Hiram High School.

    If you do not have a savings card already, getting one is easy by going to the customer service counter or speaking with your cashier at checkout.