• Writing in Kindergarten  (PCSD Rubric)

    Writing in Kindergarten (PCSD Rubric)

    This link opens a copy of the PCSD writing rubric (explains expectations to master each standard. Kindergarten students in Georgia are taught to write in 3 genres: informational, narrative, and opinion. Examples:
    *Informational Writing - writes to share information (ex. animal research and report
    *Narrative Writing - writes to tell a story (ex. This weekend I....)
    *Opinion - writes to share and support opinion with reasons ( ex. I like ____ because ___.)

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  • Sight Word Flash Cards

    Sight Word Flash Cards

    Sight words in this file are arranged by list numbers (ex. List 1a). List numbers refer to the PCSD Sight Word List. Monkey Sight Word Practice Folders also correspond to this numbering system.

    Sight words in these files are in larger print so that they may be printed and cut apart for use as flash cards.

    If your child seems to get stuck on a particular word, go ahead and move along to any easier words (for him or her)that may be on the next list. Do this while continuing to practice the challenging word.

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  • Sight Words List

    Sight Words List

    PCSD List of Sight Words for Kindergarten (Dolch 220)
    PCSD Goal is that Kindergarten Students will be able to instantly identify (within 3 seconds) 85 sight words by April. At Russom, students mastering the list of 220 sight words will move beyond sight word practice to oral reading fluency ( reading increasingly more challenging passages with fluency....as if speaking)

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  • ELA Standards (Reading and Writing Goals for Kindergarten)

    ELA Standards (Reading and Writing Goals for Kindergarten)

    Common Core Georgia Performance Standards Kindergarten (CCGPSK)

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