What is the Hal Hutchens Elementary School

    Parent Resource Center?


    This room is a place where parents and guardians of Hal Hutchens Elementary School can come to find learning games, books, and useful handouts to help you support your student’s learning. Use the item borrowed at home and return to school when you are finished using it. 

    (Hint: When you have to find a place in your home to store the item, that’s when you know you should return it.) Best of all, it’s FREE (no cost) to use the items!


    •        Where is the Parent Resource Center?

    The room is located on the main hall (across from the main office, past the library) of Hal Hutchens Elementary School. All parent/guardians must sign in at the main office and get a visitor sticker before going to the Parent Resource Center.


    •        When is the Hal Hutchens Elementary School Parent Resource Center open?

    The room is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on school days. Additional hours by appointment.


    •        Who can check out things from this room?

    Parents and guardians may come to the Parent Resource Center and check out items.  Parents may also write a note in your child’s agenda requesting that an item be sent home. Teachers may choose to send home learning games with students to use at home and return.


    •        How many items may I check out?

    There is a limit of two items that can be taken home each time from the Parent Resource Center.   When the two items are returned, two more items can be checked out.