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  • Paulding Family Connection Raises Awareness for Child Abuse

    Posted by Suzanne Wooley at 4/13/2017

    April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. This month and throughout the year, the Paulding County School District and Paulding Family Connection encourage all individuals and organizations to play a role in making Paulding County a better place for children and families. By ensuring that parents have the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to care for their children, we can help prevent child abuse and neglect by making meaningful connections with children, youth and families in our communities.

    Research shows that protective factors are present in healthy families. Promoting these factors is among the most effective ways to reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect. They are:

    • Nurturing and attachment
    • Knowledge of parenting and of child and youth development
    • Parental resilience
    • Social connections
    • Concrete supports for parents
    • Social and emotional competence of children

    Outside the Paulding County School District's Central Office, you will see blue pinwheels in the lawn. The goal is to raise awareness for child abuse in our county and find ways to stop it.

    cliff cole placing a blue pinwheel in the grass Superintendent Cliff Cole places a blue pinwheel in the grass


    pfc members place blue pinwheels in the grass

    Paulding Family Connection members place blue pinwheels in the grass


    group picture of paulding family connection Paulding Family Connection


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  • NPHS Wins Big at Scholastic Arts and Writing Competition

    Posted by Suzanne Wooley at 1/30/2017

    Congratulations to the following North Paulding High School students who placed in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition!


    Katherine Hannum: Honorable Mention: oil painting, "Me and My Brain"

     me and my brain artwork


    Alyssa Kautz: Gold Key (highest honors): mixed media, "Addiction"

     kautz artwork


    Morgan Minter: Silver Key: oil painting, "Madison," AND Gold Key: chalk pastel, "Decay"

    decay artwork  

      madison minter portrait

    The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards is the nation's longest-running and most prestigious scholarship and recognition initiative for creative teens. These three students are now among a list of notable alumni recipients, including Richard Avedon, Truman Capote, Stephen King, Sylvia Plath, Robert Redford and Andy Warhol.

    Alyssa Kautz and Morgan Minter's Gold Key Award pieces will be displayed at SCAD for a month before the awards ceremony.

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  • 2016-2017 Paulding County Reflections Winners

    Posted by Suzanne Wooley at 1/27/2017

    2016 - 17 Paulding County Reflections Winners



    Jasper Leggett, Ragsdale

    Maggie Taylor, BHES

    Chloe Ragsdale, BHES

    Lucas Machado, Roberts

    Charlee Ann Higham, Shelton

    Walker Adams, McGarity

    Eloise Slack, New Georgia

    Elizabeth Ledford, Abney

    Arianna Hopkins, Ragsdale

    Kylie Nash, New Georgia

    Ian Eubanks, Poole

    Ethan James, New Georgia

    Natalie Johnson, Moses

    Mackenzie Cronon, HJMS

    Caleb Clevenger, McClure

    Lizzie Townsend, Moses

    Haley Peek, EPMS

    Kynslee Reece, McClure

    Madison Clemente, SPHS

    Madison Clevenger, NPHS

    Bethany Bean, EPHS

    Taylor Potter, NPHS


    Dance Choreography

    Annalese Moses, Nebo

    Bailey Cochran, Ragsdale

    Chloe McAllister, Abney

    Clare Pohl, Poole

    Reagan Collins, Ragsdale

    Dellani Cochran, Roberts

    Ella Kate Freemam, Northside

    Madison Waters, Nebo

    Mia Lecca, Shelton

    Emily Wiest, Nebo

    Campbell Smith, BHES

    Daira Wiederhold, Ritch

    Madison Hufstetler, EPMS

    Nyla Gilkes, Moses



    Dominic Willis, Northside

    Annalese Moses, Nebo

    Ellie Horton, Allgood

    Marissa Willis, Nebo

    Zoey Lee, Northside

    Cade Horton, Allgood

    Jillian Ickes, Abney

    Ivey Hayes, Northside

    Olivia Clark, Poole

    Kristal Garland, Nebo

    Ashely Brunsed, McClure

    Cailin Todd, Dobbins

    Haley Peek, EPMS



    Josie Dankert, Hutchens

    Jasper Leggett, Ragsdale

    Juliana Neal, Roberts

    Morgan Gonzales, McGarity

    Lauren Fraga, McGarity

    Fiona Wheaton, Poole

    Nina Vaughan, Abney

    Savannah Wilder, New Georgia

    Calliope Horn, McGarity

    Skylar Parker, BHES

    Sebastine Chimafor, Shelton

    Megan Warlow, New Georgia

    Sarah Hodges, Moses

    Seemal Chaudhary, HJMS

    Naomi Bacchus, EPMS

    Alexandra Godfrey, McClure

    Shelby Williams, Austin

    Gillian Johnson, Dobbins

    Aubree Goff, SPHS

    Silas Luc Watts, PCHS

    Katie Jennings, SPHS

    Danielle Davis, PCHS

    Korie Amritt, SPHS

    Allana Allen, SPHS

    Shawna Davis, PCHS


    Visual Arts - 2D

    Amy Ventura, New Georgia

    Audrey Joita, Shelton

    Sutton Plett, Shelton

    Brennan McBride, Shelton

    Raegan Harris, McGarity

    Kaelyn Syck, McGarity

    Kyrie Freeman, New Georgia

    Dylan Weston, Poole

    Cooper Floyd, Shelton

    Avery Plett, Shelton

    Ashelyn Pemberton, Panter

    Keelie Armstrong, Nebo

    Rylie Jacobs, SPMS

    Mallory Proctor, EPMS

    Blakely Winkles, Moses

    Olivia Knapp, SPMS

    Suzette Anaya, McClure

    Payton Worthington, HJMS

    Grace Pruitt, EPHS

    Olivia Ruzicka, EPHS

    Claire Waters, EPHS

    Eric Okanume Jr, HHS

    Laura Doyle, SPHS

    Zainab Thompson, PCHS

    Jessica McKaughan, EPHS

    Chandler Mott, SPHS


    Visual Arts - 3D

    Annalese Moses, Nebo

    Olissa Dowell, Hiram Es

    Akiley Love, Panter

    Macie Crabbe, Northside

    Ryleigh Mulkey, Poole

    Ellie Altman, Hutchens

    Olivia Barton, Hutchens

    Madison Leathers, Poole

    Chezney Brady, HJMS

    Lucas Newsome, Scoggins

    Ashley Hunt, McClure



    Jasper Leggett, Ragsdale

    Annalese Moses, Nebo

    Liam Hayes, Northside

    Elijah Leggett, Ragsdale

    Tate Ragsdale, Poole

    Katie Thompson, Panter

    Kristal Garland, Nebo

    Caroline Brubaker, McClure

    Angel Emetache, Ritch

    Mya Bacchus, EPMS

    Morgan Ragsdale, HJMS

    Raeanna Hickson, NPHS


    Special Artists

    KJ Moses - Dugan - Dance

    McKenzie Carey - Scoggins - Dance

    Sebashtean Jerles - Poole - Literature

    Alejandro Ortiz - Poole - Literature

    Thomas Lenner - McGarity - Literature

    Bailey Janssen - Northside - Photography

    Ava Little - Ragsdale - Photography

    Javon Newbold - Allgood - Photography

    Sebashtean Jerles - Poole - Photography

    Ionna Pinho - Abney - Visual Arts

    Kensley Stacy - EPMS - Visual Arts

    Michael Cruz - Northside - Visual Arts

    Faith Brasch - HJMS - Visual Arts

    Jaiden Hensley - Ragsdale - Visual Arts

    Marshal Brummitt - SPHS - Visual Arts

    Amaya Thompson - SPHS - Visual Arts

    Brayden Thornton - McGarity - Visual Arts

    Emma Giauque - McGarity - Visual Arts

    Fola Tracie Olowokene - EPMS - Visual Arts

    Darren Tanner - Roberts - Visual Arts

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  • Author Carolyn McKinstry Visits Dobbins Middle School

    Posted by Suzanne Wooley at 1/27/2017

    Carolyn McKinstry, author of "While the World Watched," spoke to Dobbins Middle School students on Thursday, January 19th.


    carolyn mckinstry

    Mrs. McKinstry speaking to student body


    Mrs. McKinstry is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. She was present on September 15, 1963 at the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, when it was bombed. Four of Carolyn's young friends were killed. She was among thousands of students hosed by firemen during the 1963, and survived a second bomb explosion that damaged part of her parent's home in 1964. Carolyn was also a subpoenaed witness in the 2002 trial of Bob Cherry, one of the three men convicted of the 1963 church bombing.

    carolyn mckinstry

    Mrs. McKinstry answering a question by student Ben Sleszynski


    carolyn mckinstry with dr. ross

     Dr. Ross, LeeAnn Hinchberger and Mrs. McKinstry


    carolyn mckinstry

    LeeAnn Hinchberger, Mrs. McKinstry, Quadriyah Williams

    (student that initially spoke to Mrs. McKinstry to see if she would visit our school)


    carolyn mckinstry

    Mrs. McKinstry reviewing student projects


    carolyn mckinstry

    Mrs. McKinstry reviewing student projects


    carolyn mckinstry

    Mrs. McKinstry reviewing student projects


    carolyn mckinstry

    Mrs. McKinstry with LeeAnn Hinchberger, Mike Ussery, LaTressa Davis (7th Grade ELA Teachers)


    Dobbins Middle School's 7th grade Language Arts classes use Mrs. McKinstry's book, "While the World Watched" during their unit on Civil Rights. It serves as the anchor for the leaders and events that are discussed during the units. The students complete many research and writing lessons based on these events in history.


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  • SPMS Honors Students on All A Honor Roll

    Posted by Suzanne Wooley at 1/20/2017

     SPMS honored all students that made the All A Honor Roll for the 2nd 9 week grading period with a luncheon.  They were treated to pizza and drinks as well as an ice cream bar.  

    SPMS All A Honor Roll (Pictured left to right: Yamynn Collier, Caelan Hill, Blake Voyles, Kayla Bloor, Emily Brooke-Powell)

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  • Hiram ES Celebrates 2nd Nine Weeks' Top Readers

    Posted by Suzanne Wooley at 1/17/2017

    Hiram Elementary had their Book Bash celebrating the Top Readers for the 2nd nine weeks.  These students enjoyed a celebration in their honor given by Angie Clower, media specialist.  Ms. Clower provided the students with a special snack and many fun activities.  Students were chosen by their teacher as the top reader for their excellent work and progress made in Reading.  We are very proud of our top readers’ perseverance and the hard work they have shown.  Way to go Hornets!

    hiram elementary book bash kindergarten winners

    Kindergarten: Christina McFarlane, Camille Israel, Jaes Peck, Damian Echols, Mason Romo, and Elijah Norris

    hiram elementary book bash first winners

    1st Grade: France Thompson, Justice Williams, London Magee

    hiram elementary book bash second winners

    2nd grade: Morgan Cooper, Arianna Slew, Kameron Guest, Alicia Trice, Luke Bennett, Ezekial Anzeumafack

    hiram elementary book bash third winners

    3rd grade: Keira Sherrell, Dezire Fisher, Amaya Scott, Aidan Gouty, Hayden McDaniel, Williams Simko

    hiram elementary book bash fourth winners

    4th grade: Dalet Jose, Madelyn White, Tytianna Smith, Kiyra Woodall, Gabriel Sarceno

    hiram elementary book bash fifth winners

    5th grade: Jordan Johnson, Elana Palmer, Tyler Langford, Alex Baklini

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  • Cape Day 2016

    Posted by Suzanne Wooley at 10/26/2016


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  • PSCO Officers Teach Students How to Ride Bikes

    Posted by Suzanne Wooley at 10/18/2016

    facebook post of pcso officers

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  • Learning with Legos at Hiram Elementary

    Posted by Suzanne Wooley at 10/13/2016

    Hiram Elementary students were treated to a great STEM event!  The Hiram Elementary PTA won a Builder Bunch fieldtrip from our PTA Training they attended in Athens over the summer. Schools from all over the state competed and several prizes were given, but they won the GRAND prize of the in-school field trip.

    lego day at hiram es



    lego day at hiram es



    Representatives from Builder Bunch came to our school to do a STEM activity with each class in the school.  Builder Bunch provides In-School Field Trip Programs for students to  learn while they get to play with LEGO® bricks. The program combines engineering, art, product design and architectural based LEGO® curriculums to serve as the topic for each semester’s field trip.


    lego day at hiram es



    lego day at hiram es



    Our students constructed bridges that could hold the most weight while using the least amount of LEGO® bricks.  What a great way to have fun while learning!


    lego day at hiram es



    lego day at hiram es



    Thank you to our Hiram PTA officers for all you do for our school.


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  • Author Visits New Georgia Elementary

    Posted by Suzanne Wooley at 5/13/2016

    Author and illustrator of My Little Maxine, Sharon Elkin, visited Mrs. Dukes’ and Mrs. Raiford’s kindergarten class at New Georgia Elementary.  The book emphasizes responsibility, and the students enjoyed asking many questions regarding the book and her role as the author/illustrator.  Thank you Mrs. Elkin for taking the time to visit and share your wonderful book! 


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