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Sub Renewal/Pre-Registration for the 2015/2016 School Year (current subs only):

Substitute teachers active during the 2014/2015 school year will need to pre-register with SubFinder between June 1, 2015 and October 1, 2015. Beginning June 1, 2015 contact the SubFinder system at 1-855-280-6240. You will hear a full menu including the option to pre-register. Your PIN (5 digit employee ID number plus the last 4 digits of your social) will be required to complete this process. If you do not pre-register by October 1, 2015, you will not be eligible to substitute teach during the 2015/2016 school year.


For current substitutes and district employees

Your SubFinder username is your last name, your password/PIN is your five digit employee ID number plus the last four digits of your social security number. For example if your employee ID is 00005 and the last four of your social are 1234, your password would then be 000051234. Your five digit employee ID number can be located on the top area of your paystub below your name. If you are unable to locate your employee ID number, please email in Human Resources.


First Time SubFinder Users

* Before logging into SubFinder, you must call 1-855-280-6240 to complete your name recording. Your PIN number is your 5 digit employee ID number plus the last 4 digits of your social.


Becoming a Substitute Teacher or Paraprofessional

If you would like to substitute teach but are not a current employee with Paulding County School District, you must attend one of our Substitute/ Paraprofessional/ Supply Teacher training classes held periodically throughout the school year.