Paulding County Technology Department Our Technology Mission

Our technology mission is for every student and teacher to be technology literate and that technology will be used as a vital component of the instructional program.

Paulding County Technology Plan


Fiber Optic Infrastructure

Paulding County School District Technology Department is cutting edge. Its state-of-the-art fiber optic infrastructure utilizes Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VOIP) system, delivers high data transfer speeds, and ensures future technology expansion.

The fiber optic network allows better communication throughout the District. Using over 50 servers, the network connects each classroom and office in the district. With over 5,000 networked computer workstations, we provide an approximate one-to-four computer to student ratio.

Computer Access

Computers are accessible in every classroom, at every level.

Elementary students have access to four computers in the classroom. There are additional computers in the media center. Students work on various educational programs and participate in computer-assessed reading programs.

Each middle school contains a computer in every classroom, three computer labs and one typing lab. These resources are used for Internet research, classroom presentations and accessing software resources, available through the District's network.

High schools have a computer in each classroom, two general purpose computer labs and four to six vocational labs. The vocational labs support technology educational programs: which include Career, Technical and Agricultural Education and Computer-Assisted Drafting at the high school level. Each high school also has a mobile Dell laptop cart with 32 wireless laptops which can be utilized from any classroom.

21st Century Classrooms

As a part of the "21st Century Classroom" initiative, many of the District’s classrooms are equipped with projectors, an audio system, and a DVD-VCR-computer system to enhance student learning. Over 500 classrooms have mounted projectors, screens and DVD-VCR-Computer systems.